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Hit and Runs at a high in Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents

According to recent research, nearly 25 percent of all bicycle accidents in Los Angeles in 2008 were hit and run accidents. While this statistic alone is disturbing, the news gets worse. These are just the accidents that are reported and recorded in statistical databases, suggesting that the number may be even higher.

Having access to this data is an important step; say many cyclist advocates and legal professionals. But it has its limits. For example, the data shows that approximately ten percent of these hit and run accidents involved a motorist running a read light or stop sign; however, the data does not show which accidents were attributed to cyclist recklessness, aggression, or negligence compared to motorist recklessness, aggression or negligence.

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One statistic noted by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is that 25 percent of all bicycle accidents in the county involve bicyclists riding against traffic (bicyclists are always supposed to ride in the same direction as traffic). The LAPD claims to be working to better educate bicycle riders about this problem.

While the LAPD makes efforts to promote bicycle safety, the department is also criticized for not taking seriously enough this high volume of hit and run bicycle accidents happening across the county.

Hit and run bicycle accidents are devastating because the victims have a much more difficult time finding the culprit and holding them accountable for their wrongdoing. Victims must rely on the police to apprehend the offender in order to bring them to justice. Furthermore, without a known responsible party, victims of hit and run accidents are often left to seek compensation for their losses solely through insurance claims with their own providers.

While anyone who has been in a bicycle accident will benefit from speaking to an attorney soon after his or her accident, this may be a greater benefit for those in a hit and run accident. A professional bicycle attorney can become your advocate, helping to achieve justice in your case and obtain for you the compensation you rightly deserve.

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