Bicycle Accident Facts & Statistics

Did you know that the first car accident to ever occur in the United States involved a bicyclist? In 1896, a New York City driver crashed into a bicyclist undoubtedly causing harm to the less protected bicycle rider.

Since 1932-the first year that bicycle accident statistics were recorded-53,000 bicyclists have died in traffic accidents. Spanning to present day, 716 bicyclists were killed in accidents and 52,000 were injured in 2008.

Bicyclist fatalities and injuries comprise 14 and 2 percent, respectively, of all people who are harmed in traffic accidents each year. While that number may seem small comparatively, these numbers are too high.

Additional bike accident facts and statistics collected from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration include:

  • 69 percent of all bicycle accident fatalities occur in urban areas
  • 64 percent of all fatal bike accidents occur at non-intersection locations
  • 28 percent of all fatal bike accidents occur between the evening hours of 5 and 9 pm.
  • 41 is the average age of a fatal bicycle accident victim in the US in 2008 (compared to 32 in 1998)
  • 31 is the average age of an injured bicyclist, compared to 24 in 1998
  • 13 percent of all fatal bicycle accidents affect children under the age of 16 (they comprise 25% of those who are injured)
  • 37 percent of all bike accidents involve alcohol consumption, either by the cyclist or the driver
  • 80 to 90 percent of those involved in injurious or fatal bike accidents are men.

While these bike accident facts and statistics shed some light on the nature of the problem and the risks related to bike accidents, they don't do much to tell you about specific accidents.

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