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Bicycle Helmet Laws

Helmet laws are a controversial issue in the larger discussion of bike safety in the United States. Many states have at least one, if not many, helmet laws by jurisdiction. Some states still don't have helmet laws, while others have a statewide statute requiring helmets, and still others leave it up to local jurisdictions to set helmet laws. Many bike helmet laws require that only minors wear helmets. For example, California only those bike riders under the age of 17 must wear a helmet.

Many believe these helmet laws should extend to all bike riders-after all adults are equally vulnerable to head injuries in bike accidents as children are. However, the issue of personal choice, the drawback of helmet costs, and other issues are still argued by some adult cyclists. Regardless of the law, more and more adult cyclists wear helmets voluntarily because they know how important they are to safety.

Those in support of mandatory helmet laws for all bike riders cite compelling evidence about the value of helmets in preventing as many as 88% of potential brain injuries and other head injuries in serious accidents.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bike accident, it is important to contact a qualified attorney who can evaluate your case to determine how you can protect your rights and recover your losses. Even if you weren't wearing a helmet, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

The following is a chart that shows helmet laws by state, as reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Highway Loss Data Institute. Note that local laws may require all bicyclists to wear a helmet.

Alabama15 and younger
AlaskaNo helmet law
ArizonaNo helmet law
ArkansasNo helmet law
California17 and younger
ColoradoNo helmet law
Connecticut15 and younger
Delaware17 and younger
District of Columbia15 and younger
Florida15 and younger
Georgia15 and younger
Hawaii15 and younger
IdahoNo helmet law
IllinoisNo helmet law
IndianaNo helmet law
IowaNo helmet law
KansasNo helmet law
KentuckyNo helmet law
Louisiana11 and younger
Maine15 and younger
Maryland15 and younger
MassachusettsAges 1-16
MichiganNo helmet law
MinnesotaNo helmet law
MississippiNo helmet law
MissouriNo helmet law
MontanaNo helmet law
NebraskaNo helmet law
NevadaNo helmet law
New Hampshire15 and younger
New Jersey16 and younger
New Mexico17 and younger
New YorkAges 1-13
North Carolina15 and younger
North DakotaNo helmet law
OhioNo helmet law
OklahomaNo helmet law
Oregon15 and younger
Pennsylvania11 and younger
Rhode Island15 and younger
South CarolinaNo helmet law
South DakotaNo helmet law
Tennessee15 and younger
TexasNo helmet law
UtahNo helmet law
VermontNo helmet law
VirginiaNo helmet law
WashingtonNo helmet law
West Virginia14 and younger
WisconsinNo helmet law
WyomingNo helmet law
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